Week 2 Begins

Hello all!

The first week comes to an end and we (Arihant and me) have partially implemented Algebraic functions\ Linear products.


Most of my task was to translate Algebraic Integration tests from Maple Syntax to Python, write Utility Functions and writing tests for Utility Functions. I have already implemented 1 Algebraic functions\1 Linear products\1.2 (a+b x)**m (c+d x)**nhere. And test sets for 1 Algebraic functions\1 Linear products\1.3 (a+b x)**m (c+d x)**n (e+f x)**p and 1 Algebraic functions\1 Linear products\1.4 (a+b x)^m (c+d x)^n (e+f x)^p (g+h x)^q are almost ready here along with most of the Utility Functions we require till now, after this we will be successfully covering the Algebraic\ Linear products portion.

Next what’s delaying our progress is Utility Functions, I  have been taking help from this pdf on Integration Utility Functions and looking for their definitions in Mathematica website but the major problem is the definitions provided are not very clear or no definition at all. Meanwhile Arihant was implementing RUBI rules, default values for variables and working on constraints .

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