GSoC Progress Report

I’ve been working on the last set of Utility functions and after that I’ll complete some left over functions yet to be implemented. Along with it we have been fixing some bugs which we could notice. TrigReduce() is an inbuilt function in Mathematica, following is its code in Python. def TrigReduce(i): if SumQ(i): t = […]

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GSoC Progess Report

So far we have covered almost all the Utility Functions to support Algebraic Rules/Linear Products rules, Arihant had given the entire details of the first test set in his recent blog post once we are successfully done with the first set we have the other two test sets for Linear Products ready to work on. Currently […]

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GSoC Progress Report

Hello all! Arihant and I have made a good progress on implementation of Utility functions and have successfully implemented almost half of it. Till now we have worked on it in sets with each containing 7 to 15 functions along with tests which takes approximately 3-5 days for complete implementation. Some of the functions used […]

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Week 2 Begins

Hello all! The first week comes to an end and we (Arihant and me) have partially implemented Algebraic functions\ Linear products. THE PROGRESS Most of my task was to translate Algebraic Integration tests from Maple Syntax to Python, write Utility Functions and writing tests for Utility Functions. I have already implemented 1 Algebraic functions\1 Linear […]

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Week 1: time to start

Greetings! Community bonding period is officially over, I have been taking help from my mentors and ex-gsocer friends. This would be my first experience on working on parsing so I am very excited.  I have taken help from Francesco to get a better idea about my work and we have even discussed it with Ondrej. […]

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